Romeny Chan

product development, copy 

Record label, Rhymesayers Entertainment, released Prof's 2017 Album titled, Pookie Baby. CD and Vinyl bundles included “Pookie Baby" branded T-shirts, Crewneck Sweatshirts and eau de toilette fragrance.

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Product description

Prof cologne is embodied with the evolved persona, "Pookie Baby". 


Notes: bergamot, carnation, oak moss

Accord: herbaceous/chypre

Description: fresh citrus bergamot,

spicy floral, seaside, dry mossy green

Escape into the heart of the beast, a place of opulence, beauty and sunshine. Pookie Baby is inspired by Pookie Baby — a human lush in sophistication with a landscape of encapsulating personality so spectacular. 

Herbaceous and mediterranean, this fragrance begins with bright citrus bergamot and eases into the spicy floral heart of carnation and soft precious woods. This scent finishes with resinous, mossy earth and a silage of seductive white musk.

Let them know they’ve encountered, Pookie Baby. Smell like Pookie Baby. Be Pookie Baby. 




Set Concept + Stylist + Makeup


Director - Maria Juranic
Cinematographer - Ryan Kron Thompson and Maria Juranic
Editor - Maria Juranic
Concept - Jessie Daley
Art Direction - Drew Preiner
Gaffer - Kyle Moe
AC - Keith Moeching
Set Concept/Stylist/Makeup - Romeny Chan
Costume - Luisa Garmers
Props/Styling - Kristen Leigh